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Own Your Only in the 3 Word Rebellion Book Club

Turn Your Expertise Into a One-of-a-Kind Message that Your Audience Can't Stop Talking About!

Experts! You have been overlooked for too long. Your clients need you and your industry needs you.

It's time to translate your expertise into a message that your clients grok and can't wait to act on!

During the Book Club You'll Learn:

  • How to confidently take on your role as and expert & the leader of a movement (yes, YOU – even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a leader or your business as a movement)
  • Why creating and sharing your 3 Word Rebellion is absolutely critical to the growth of your business, the lives of your people, and the future of your entire industry
  • Be in a community of like minded expert business owners doing the work together (and this makes it easier to find your message).

This isn’t just another read it and forget it book. It’s a process, a workbook, and an exploration. Don’t just read it, write in it! Top that off with that fact this is not another book about crafting an elevator pitch but aimed at crafting a movement and you’ve got a 5-star book!”

The 5-Week Book
Club Starts September 6th!

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